2017 General Election

This June 8th a snap election will take place aimed at capitalising on a disorganised and unpopular opposition.

In the meantime our Conservative government has rolled out an array of damaging and regressive policies - largely unchecked - that threaten the NHS, our Education system and seen a signficant increase in poverty and inequality.

Supported by a right-wing press, they are pursuing a damaging hard Brexit that will see Britain increasingly isolated from our European neighbours and have significant impacts on human rights in the UK.

We represent an alliance of individuals from all backgrounds who believe that in the forthcoming election the only chance to challenge the Tories in Somerton and Frome is to vote for the Liberal Democrats.

What we're up against

In the 2015 General Election the Conservative Party won with 53% of the vote and 20,000 votes more than the Liberal Democrats.

Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative David Warburton 31,960 53%
Liberal Democrat David Rendel 11,692 19.4%
UKIP Alan Dimmick 6,439 10.7%
Green Theo Simon 5,434 9%
Labour David Oakensen 4,419 7.3%

Although this election saw a massive swing towards the Conservative Party, the above shows that the only chance we have of beating the Conservative Party within Somerton and Frome is to vote Liberal Democrat.

For many of us this is a bitter pill to swallow.
But the alternative is considerably worse.

This June 8th we implore you to put aside politic differences, tribal allegiances and above all pride to vote tactically in Somerton and Frome.